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Katherine Cai

Piano Teacher


Piano Teacher

Katherine is a teacher for the piano and keyboard for all levels of students. She has enjoyed the piano since she was 6 and has completed her AMEB 8th Grade for Piano (2013). She is currently on her way to completing her LMusA diploma for Piano this year. Although deeply rooted in Classical music, she enjoys accompanying singers and other instrumentalists in a range of styles such as jazz, musical theatre and contemporary music. She also has experience in accompanying musicians for AMEB exams and HSC examinations.
Katherine has also completed Grade 6 Music Theory, HSC Music 2 (Band 6) and HSC Extension Music (E4). Her wonderful performance for her Extension Music Performance electives have earned her full marks for the HSC Extension Music Course, as well as an ENCORE nomination, giving her the opportunity to perform at the Sydney Opera House.
Along with this, she has received multiple music awards from school, such as the Outstanding Performance Award, a prestigious trophy for her contributions to the Performing Arts.
She is also a member of the Piano Society, from the University of Sydney, and performs with them regularly.

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